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Renewable Energy

Energy s.rl. produces complete lines for the assembly of photovoltaic panels

- Tabber - Stringer
- laminator
- Solar simulator
- Assembly machinery (incorniciatrice, punching, small press)

Machinery for the production of photovoltaic cells and measure

- Control system of the crystallization of silicon
- Breeder of cells
- Cell tester

In 2007 Energy Srl has made massive investments in R & D for PV, with the aim of identifying the operation of the "SMART PANEL".

In 2008 Energy Srl has developed an innovative system with autoclave type laminator in vacuum for the production of glass-glass panels fotovoltaci

In 2009 Energy Srl He has produced and marketed an innovative automatic line for the rolling post photovoltaic process.
The company stands for continuous innovation and process innovation thanks to decades of experience in photovoltaics.

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